Microsoft Dynamics NAV
for engineering and construction

VERONA, the top product in business market for builders and constructions below Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform. Choose a built-in solution constructed on knowleadge of the area and your necesities.

ERP Software and CRM for manage constructions and projects

Engineering and builder area have been one of the sectors that have been developed and progressed the most in the last years. There are many of them that came to terms with the request of this new market; these oblige the business to be more competitive than ever.

The outers exits of our borders have been an alternative for so many business in this sectors. This alternative became in opportuneness to stand out betweeen the competition. ARBENTIA bet on the posibility of these companies, therefore have developed a specific and exclusive solution for builder and engineering sector.

Our new challenge is to turn us into the best alternative for organization which invest in a management business software, with our specialised solution, VERONA, the sectoral solution developing on Microsoft Dynamics NAV for builders.

VERONA is a philosophy which departs to integrate and complement the best horizontal solutions in CRM, ERP, Treasury, Reporting, Business Intelligence, movility, etc. for carry on specific solutions in builder and engineering sector, at the same time we sign up for the best practices in the area, collected by our professionals and our consultants throughout 20 years of experience.

Type of maintenance


Sector Challenges

Adjust their systems to new and lighter information structure , leaving complex solutions and full of obsolet functions which are not fit to new business realities.

Have a liquid papework with control and vision of the composition of each proyect.

 Improve their relations with mediator when we talk about information, doing nimbler their budgeraty circuit, supplying and purchasing

Decentralize and speed up the entrances and exits of information as well as, resources level, or direction, arranging a better check of each proyect/building.

 Managing, in a agile way, the resources, capacities and availabilities.          

Get that your management software ERP and/or CRM folowing in his international expansion, in a flexible and economic way.

Take over the challenge of digital transformation with Microsoft Dynamics


Microsoft Universe

Numerous solutions for each of your managing business necessity



Microsoft Dynamics offers multiple access option of the software


Microsoft Dynamics offers numerous of hosting alternative of the software

Blessing of Microsoft Dynamics NAV for ingeniering and builder

1. Optimization, security and anticipation

Secure information, will have a 360º vision of your organization in real time ; Anticipe your decision, will be able to take decisions in a anticipe way thanks to a closing proyection and temporary desviation; Optimize your purchasings and hiring, analize exhaustively the supplier pourpose, optimazing subcontrating  and provisions papework.

2. Analyze, measuring and control

Optimize your resources, monitoring the productivity of your resources, the price of the projects and the costs of no productivity; Analize your competitiveness with a multidimensional test of your projects, could inquire into which types of plans are more competitive, who are the responsible who handle better; Evaluating your structure, measure the impact of the cost  of the structure in projects as well as the indirect cost that absorbs each plan.

Arbentia | ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV para ingenierías y constructoras

3. Management, process and internationalization

Managing the maintenance, with a assignment of the services, maintenance, processing in a direct way of the assignment, resolution and the clousure of the fact; Improving your commercial activity: Offers, tracking of commercial objetive, tenders, graphics indication and panels to analice of client list; Wordl-wide Solution, fold out your business exemplary filling up the local requirements.

4. Solution certify by Microsoft

ARBENTIA have gotten to settle VERONA as a international solution for business of this sector and receive the product award on behalf of Microsoft: continuation of the product, offering the most recently version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, increasing the product concurrently to construction sector and  monitoring the compulsory standard for Microsoft.

Successful case VERONA

Management software ERP leader for contruction and engineering

Clients of the sector who trust in us

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